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I am responsible for the mess you are looking at now. I not only founded the site but created the scripts that show all the data produced by others. This also means that if there is a problem it is most likely my fault, but still send all the hate mail to murray.

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ED found me in a crumpled heap on his doorstep one cold December morning, mumbling away about "monkeys" and "the earth people". He fed and clothed me, and in return I agreed to design my freakish art for his site.
Mr Flibble
(Moderator and News Updater)

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Dark Comet
(News Updater)

A young whippersnapper from the shores of Merrie Old England. Turned on my first computer (a humble Powermac 6400) at the age of 9, and haven't looked back since. Now I exist to do Ed's bidding as News Updater, Game Finder, and Local Witch Doctor. I cater for all tastes. Really
(News Updater)

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(News Updater)

Once I was a lowly web surfer, but then I stole Klik N Play from my friend. MUHAHAHAA! After years of game making on the site, theyve finally given me a position of honour among the staff. Kudos. Ill probably not disappoint.
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