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We're Back!
by ED on April 27 2011

After 5 years of living through the dark ages I've fixed the V6 scripts.

This means you can once again view all of the site's content.* I've managed to get the news and games sections working completely while the resources and features pages might have a couple of links in the admin sections that may not work.

Come and join us on the comments page to celebrate (If you can remember your account details)

*(Ignore that links button on the banner that hasn't gone anywhere since V4 of the site)

by ED on April 27 2011

Even the comments system is still working!


by Gabez on April 28 2011

Great work! Lovely stuff!!


Nice work
by alvin on April 28 2011

Good work ED! Can you contact me by email? I've got a proposal about your site.

by Giocherellone on May 5 2011

FINALLY I can see all this glorious web-site! THANK YOU Ed! :) Now I hope that the download of the games will be soon fixed... SLURP!

by monkey_05_06 on June 16 2011

Mr Flibble JUST told me last night that the site was back up. I used to check sometimes but haven't recently. I'm so happy to see that it's back up. Now we just need to get the word out so we can get this community going again! many good memories from here!!

by Monkey-_ on January 5 2012

Just heard this place was back up and running. Awesome stuff!

[Double 'Ard Monkey]

by hmoto on February 13 2012

A bit late to the party, I was just having a look at the old place out of curiosity. Long time no see to everybody. What's everyone up to these days? Is anybody still actually working on any games and have any of them gone anywhere? What are the chances of the forum getting up and running again?

by ED on February 16 2012

Hey Moto. I keep toying with various game ideas but working full time as a developer means its very infrequently I'm motived to write code in my time off.

I've briefly played around with some site redesigns and it wouldn't be too hard to make a simple forum based on this news / comment system. You can see some samples here and here. What's everyone else up to these days.


by hmoto on February 18 2012

Hey ED. By developer, I take it you mean web developer?

I guess the main issue before bothering to add in forums and things would be to actually get people on the site. Kind of a catch 22 really I guess. How much has this place been costing you to keep up and out of use for the past 7 years?

I've got essentially the same issue with game making. I keep coming up with ideas but never actually finding the time to do anything. I have about a month in July completely free though, for the first time in a good 4 or 5 years, so I'll at least try and produce something then.

I'm just finishing up my final year of a masters in theoretical physics. After about July I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing, but probably a PhD and *possibly* moving over to Canada for a place working on building quantum computers (which is what I've mostly been working on for the past couple of years).

by ED on February 20 2012

I do some web development for UIs but I'm mainly working on bespoke business systems - approval work flows, reporting and the like. The hosting hasn't been too bad since I placed the site on another server used for email.

Good luck with the game effort. If you still have news permissions feel free to post about it. I'm sure compared with theoretical physics implementing games will seem much simpler.


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