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by ED on April 24 2006

Sorry about the down time there guys. Went on holiday at the same time the hosting ran out for last year. Anyway we're now on a new server due to my inability to pay for lots of bandwidth while at uni. For this reason the forums will now be closed and I'll be looking at what to do about some of the downloads as I can only really host the sites pages. If anyone has any surgestions on the forum or possible file hosting comment below.

by Mr Flibble on April 24 2006

When I saw the 404 I thought that was the Big Crunch for this site, nice to see it alive... albeit on a ventilator, so to speak. I know Hellomoto has some server space, perhaps he'd be able to lend some? Either that, or some really bargain basement hosting plan.


by ED on April 24 2006

Just found a new problem your account for the site may no longer log in correctly as the new server uses a different function to store the passwords. To sort it out you'll have to talk to me on MSN and I can get you back into your account.


by hmoto on April 24 2006

My server space at the moment is my laptop, which isn't really on enough to do any serious hosting. I can do storage, I've got plenty of storage space, but by all accounts this place eats bandwidth, of which I don't have too much.

No Problem
by ED on April 24 2006

Don't worry about thing too much. My plan is still to have a go at writing that forum script. Might throw one togeather today before I go to uni this week based on the existing comments set up and then write a full one over the summer. Files wouldn't be so much of a problem if people hosted the files as well instead of linking directly to us.


Oh noes!
by Bobbin Threadbare on April 25 2006

I hope HM's server thingy works out otherwise this site is dead.

by Mr Flibble on April 25 2006

Did you not actually read the other comments? Your reference to them implies that you did, but Moto's server is personal, and not on all the time. By the way Ed, the login stuff works fine.


by hmoto on April 25 2006

Calling it personal makes it sound so seedy. I would host, but it'd be more hassle than it was worth, pretty much any free server could provide more than I can with right now. Well. Thats a lie. I quite my little set up here, but... erm... yeah.

by Coolbonesite on April 27 2006

I can still insult Bobbin here, right? And apparently that boardnation thing I mentioned no longer gives out free boards. Whoops

[Crappy Site]

by Mr Flibble on April 27 2006

This comment page is indeed somewhat forum-esque....who needs a forum anyway, this would do nicely.


by Murrayy on April 27 2006

Datadog's pretty much fine with us crashing on his new board at he even put up a projects board for us.

by Coolbonesite on April 28 2006

Datadog is a filthy traitor

[Crappy Site]

by Murrayy on April 28 2006

So are you, but we still let you hang around.

by Bobbin Threadbare on April 28 2006

@Flibble: I did read it but I have a shitty memory so, meh. You reminded me.

by Coolbonesite on April 28 2006

At least I can spell my name right

[Crappy Site]

by Murrayy on April 28 2006

Actually I just forgot my old password so I registered a new similar account

by Coolbonesite on April 29 2006

What's wrong with "Chris"

[Crappy Site]

by Skullwarez - Ben on May 6 2006

You could just get proboards? Owns the old one...

[Kaizers Institution]

Hosting Possibility
by anthony on May 10 2006

You might try a cheap host that I've found, not sure if they would be able to support your bandwidth requirements because I don't know what they are, but anyway, here's the url: (despite the name, it's not free :P)

by Mr Flibble on May 15 2006

Apparently, the type of forum we were using is renowned for its bots and spam.


by hmoto on May 18 2006

That be the problem with open source, everyone can see exactly how to get around any security.

by Williyo on May 29 2006

When will the website be ready?

by Williyo on May 29 2006

sorry, my english is poor :)

by Nick on June 5 2006

It's been awhile since I have been on here. What happened to WWHS?

by Brandon1318 on July 1 2006

by Murrayy on April 28 2006 "Actually I just forgot my old password so I registered a new similar account" Same here.(By the way,I am rivierakid)

by Rivierakid2 on July 7 2006

I just noticed that the games can't be downloaded any more... Will they ever be downloadable again?

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