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by Mr Flibble on February 19 2006

These two new games were confirmed some time ago, only at the time the News script wouldn't allow me to tell all of you. Anyway, the news;
Simon the Sorcerer is making a comeback this year, with a new 3D adventure, scheduled for a late 2006 release. Despite the 3D graphics, the studio stress, "there will be no action elements and no significant change to the gameplay of 2D adventures."

Also, Broken Sword 4 has been confirmed with the tentative title, "Angel of Death". This game is also scheduled for a 2006 release. More Here.

Finally, GameSpot has this week released a feature entitled, "So You Want To Be An Artist." Sound familiar? Anyway, its Here. Gamespot also have a So You Want To Be A Designer article. Seriously, they're stealing my thoughts.

by hmoto on February 20 2006

Like I said. Absolutely nothing.

by Mr Flibble on February 20 2006

Its old news. But its still news.


by Bobbin Threadbare on February 21 2006

The news is back

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