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Vivendi Doesn't Strike - Space Quest 3
by hmoto on October 10 2005

Once again, the Vivendi Legal team has worked out how to use their email. And has ordered yet another team to Cease and Decist the production of their fan game.

The team behind the up coming Space Quest 3 remake, whos website, used to be found here, apparantly recieved the letter today and has been forced to remove all traces of their website and their game from the internet.

In a time that many a hailing 'The worst time in fangaming history', or rather 'Teh Suxx0rs', we can only wait and see, who shall be the next to fall foul of these evil coorporations. No, I'm not biased.

Thats 3 C&Ds in just 4 days in case I'm the only one counting.

And so, speculation mounts once again. Why are so many games being shut down lately, when extremely few, if any cease and decist orders have been issued in the past few years? Lucasarts has in fact, in recent years encouraged fan made creations and mods for games like the recent Starwars Fan Films. It seems unlikely that they are planning on bringing these old licenses back to life after so many years.

Once again, we shall have to wait and see what happens next. Lets just hope that 'what happens next' is not more C&Ds, but Vivendi still has a lot of games left to shut down. Over the years, many of their classics have been remade, and sequals produced, and there are still many in production, it is anyones guess who shall be next.

UPDATE: In a recent turn of events, it turns out that Vivendi did not order the Space Quest team to cease and decist. The team merely used bad feeling towards the company, over the shut down of the upcoming KQIV, to get out of making their own game.

Most people seem to agree that this was the wrong decision to make, but there is no major bad feeling towards the team. Most adventure game developers would agree that it is a long and arduous task, daunting to anyone. It is of course the teams decision to stop making the game, but a slightly spineless get out? Who knows?

by Bobbin Threadbare on October 13 2005

Fuck, this is annoying.

by Mr Flibble on October 13 2005

Also, its perfectly legal.


by hmoto on October 13 2005

Which bit, making the fan games or issuing C&Ds. Personally, I think the company has every right to prtect their copyright. As much as I may not like it. It is still their right. I mean, you wouldn't like it if someone stole your work when you could still make money off it. Its not very nice, but its understandable.

by Bobbin Threadbare on October 14 2005

Not that I ever heard or played this game, it's just annoying how they're shutting down Fangames these days. Next thing you know it'll be illeagal to make a fan inspired game anymore.

by hmoto on October 14 2005

It already is in most countries. Just most people don't make a big thing about it. Of course, if you move to, I dunno, Latvia, you could possibly get round it. Though I think copyright law is international law, though I really have no idea.

by Mr Flibble on October 14 2005

Its illegal, or at least I think it is. In America you could argue parody, that'd get you round it.


by Broomie on October 15 2005

This is a hoax, nothing more nothing less. Read the whole story here.

In recent turn of events, it appeared SQ3R did not recieve a C&D Letter. It was all an elaborate prank to close the project down yet using KQIX's reason as an excuse. It certainly scared a few projects such as Infamous Adventures who were discussing what to do about the matter. The front man, whom I'd rather not name has apologized for the stunt to which I forgive him. Still, it's a shame to see this project die.


by hmoto on October 15 2005

Any chance of a link to the original post saying that. I can't find it anywhere except on your site.

by Broomie on October 16 2005


by hmoto on October 16 2005

Cheers, I'll update the news post later today.

by Bobbin Threadbare on February 3 2006

So when are we gonna fix the update thing?

by hmoto on February 4 2006

News is a tad slow on the fangaming front these days. Things trickle through occasionally.

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