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What Ho', Lucas Shut down
by hmoto on October 8 2005

No, not that Lucas, Lucas Fangames.

Whats happening in the world. In the last couple of days Kings Quest IX shut down and now, Lucas Fangames.

The group, responsible for some of the best loved fangames out there, like Maniac Mansion Deluxe, have released a statement on their website, saying 'Recent events have forced us to shut down our web appearance. We would like to thank all our fans and supporters who believed in us and our dreams.'

It remains unclear whether this was due to action by the Lucas Arts legal department, or down to a decision made by the group itself.

by Mr Flibble on October 8 2005

Ooer. If that is legal action on LEC's part, then that doesn't bode well for MI5.


by hmoto on October 8 2005

I don't think it had anything to do with LA. Though I don't actually know. I also don't think it actually has anything to do with Vivendi's cease an desist order. Its probably just down to some sort of internal strife.

Who knows, we'll probably find out some time soon.

by Mr Flibble on October 8 2005

Possibly lying low until Indy1 is finished, due to the Vivendi affair.


by hmoto on October 8 2005

It takes slightly longer than a day for a group of people that size to come to a decision like that.

by Mr Flibble on October 9 2005

Well all they did was close the website. If they were worried about a C and D order, I think they could agree to lie low for a while.


by Bobbin Threadbare on October 10 2005

There's gonna be an interview thing on AR about this.

by hmoto on October 10 2005

Any chance of a link, not having a clue what AR is and all.

by Mr Flibble on October 14 2005

Aparently not.


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