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KQIX shut down
by hmoto on October 7 2005

Just weeks after the release of the trailer for the iminent fangame Kings Quest IX, the makers recieved a cease and desist from Vivendi, formerly known as Sierra. After literally years in production, this came as a shock, but not as a surprise. The team behind the game made it clear that they would respect any wishes of Vivendi and new that a C&D was always around the corner.

There is currently speculation that the cease and desist order may have something to do with a new, official game being in production, but this is only a rumour. The most likely explanation is in fact the release of the recent trailer, giving Vivendi a run for their money. Most fangames of the level of KQ IX are never finished, but the trailer and anounced release dat showed that production was near completion. We shall now though probably never see anything more than the trailer.

The official announcement can be found here

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